Second request- Affected units

Posted on Monday, July 17 2017

SECOND REQUEST. I am still missing a great deal of info for a number of units. We cannot move forward with your unit until this is completed. 

As we continue to deal with the Major water loss that happen July 14, we would like to continue to gather information and keep all the affected unit owners up to date on what is happening.
Over the next week or so, Lydale Construction will continue to need access to the affected units to complete the emergency work. The Insurance adjusters will be developing a scope of loss covering all the affected units. Please ensure you document all the items/areas that have been affected in your unit.
We would like to ensure that we have all the correct contact info for your unit if it was affected by todays water loss. So for all the affected units can you please send an email to "" and confirm the following details;

1) Unit #
2) Owner(s) Name and Cell number
3) Onsite Resident Contact number Name and Cell Number. (If not owner occupied)
4) Does Don (780-818-3877) have a key to your unit Yes or No
5) Personal Insurance Company info. Company Name, Contact info, Policy number.

Please ensure that you contact your personal insurance company as your personal property, unit upgrades and loss of rental income will not be covered by the Condo Corporation Insurance.

Thank You

Bobby Cantera