Security Audit

Posted on Wednesday, July 12 2017

Hi everyone, 

Just wanted to give everyone an update on the security audit. First off I want to say Thank you to everyone who showed up. I really appreciate you taking time from your day to ensure the security at The Century is up to date. That being said, everyone who showed up on July 5 or 8 the audit will be complete by Thursday July 13 at 5:00pm. I am aware I still have to add some people to the buzzer, that will be done tomorrow. 

For those of you who I did not speak with yet or return their phone calls. Please email me at let me know your name, unit number, the best number to reach you at, and how many fobs YOU and only you have. I will not deactivate anything until I have spoke with you, or 3 voicemails have been left and none have been returned. On the 3rd voicemail I will clearly state the fobs are being deactivated because lack of response. Please do not call Simco reagarding the security audit, they cannot help you. 

If you are available tomorrow, Thursday July 13. I will be in the building 11-3. To help or answer any questions.