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Elevator 2 Repair

Posted on Friday, November 03 2017

Please be advised that elevator 2 will be down until Thursday, November 9th. A replacement part has been ordered, but it is not expected to arrive until later next week.

Apologies for the inconvenience. 

Office Hours

Posted on Tuesday, September 12 2017

Office hours will begin September 18, 4:30-6:30p.m. This will happen every Monday 4:30-6:30p.m. The office is located in the hallway, to the left of the mailboxes. Keep walking until you see an open door on the left near the end of the hallway. 

The office administer duties:
Add/delete buzzer number
You can purchase fobs or garage door openers for $50 each. (fobs/openers will not be given without payment)
Book a move in/out
Any maintenance repairs I can report and ask Don to investigate 
Reply or post any geniepad messages
Security of the building
Monitor parkade record people abusing visitor parking

If you have any comments or concerns please email That email is checked everyday, you will receive a reply within 24 hours. Look forward to seeing everyone on Monday. :) 

Garage door openers.

Posted on Wednesday, August 16 2017

The order of garage door openers was received today. If you are in need of a new garage door opener, they can be purchased for $50 Cash or cheque. Please email to make arrangements. 


Booster Panel Alarm - Friday Aug 11

Posted on Wednesday, August 09 2017

Please be aware that Amp Tech will be repairing the 16th Floor Booster Panel between the hours of 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm on Friday August 11th, 2017.
Every effort will be made to keep the noise to a minimum, but please be aware that the bell alarm may sound intermittently throughout these hours.

Thank you in advance

Bobby Cantera


Reselling fobs

Posted on Wednesday, August 02 2017

If you are caught reselling fobs or using a fob that is associated to another unit, other than the unit you are living in. ALL the fobs associated to your unit, as well the unit you bought the fob from will be deactivated. Every fob and garage door opener will be deleted from the system and you will need to purchase a new fob and gargage door opener for ($50, because that is not price we sell them for). You will only be allowed one fob per person and each person will need to be present to receive said fob. 

Another note, The Condo Board just hired someone to complete a security audit. To help maintain the security of the building. It is total disrespect to all the owner and renters who showed up to register their fobs. To help maintain the security of the building, for everyone safety. Selling a fob to someone you dont even know, throws the security of the building out the window. The Condo Board as well as Simco will take every action to maintain that security. If you would like to purchase a new fob you can do so by calling Nicole 780-708-0714. I wil make arrangements to meet you anytime. We don't recommened purchasing from an untrusted source. 

Thanks in advance. 

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